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About Us

The mission of ScholarshipPROZ is to provide students, businesses and non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise or contribute money to pay for any education related cause. Our platform brings together people seeking ways to address the cost of education with others willing to help by combining three powerful trends: Cause Marketing, Crowdfunding and Social Networking.

Our management team and founders possess extensive experience in education finance and outreach. We understand first-hand that student retention and completion rates are clearly tied to cost, affordability and access to financial aid. By enabling students to raise money to pay their own way, ScholarshipPROZ increases the likelihood of student success.


Uniquely, ScholarshipPROZ solicits funding sponsorship support from individuals, businesses and non-profits as program partners


ScholarshipPROZ simply fulfills the basic human desire to help others.



Our Management Team

Bill Ayers, CEO


Bill spent the first decade his career in New York City as a civil engineer specializing in bridge design. There he nurtured his analytical skills with the evolution of CAD and automated design. He pivoted into a financial career with Chase Manhattan Bank eventually working his way up to the CEO of Education First, a joint venture of Chase and Sallie Mae specializing in education finance. At Education First and later as a senior executive with Sallie Mae, Bill saw firsthand the struggles families face planning and paying for college. As CEO of ScholarshipPROZ, Bill is driven to change the mindset of how the country addresses the cost of higher education by creating a culture of student self-funding bolstered by community support.


Scott Tubbs, Chief Operating Officer


Scott spent 14 years at Sallie Mae and USA Funds in various capacities including Vice President of Sales. There he was immersed in research, development, and collaboration on financial literacy programs geared toward college students, their families and participating colleges. He went on to found and co-own Emineo Media, an interactive marketing and web services firm, specializing in developing, implementing and promoting business-branded scholarship programs. In addition to his accomplishments in business and entrepreneurial ventures, Scott is passionate about his family and is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.


Orlando Espinosa, Chief Evangelist


Charisma and passion are hallmarks of Orlando’s approach to sharing the benefits of and access to higher education. Orlando was the first National Spokesperson for The Sallie Mae Fund’s “On the road: Paying for College Bus Tour”. The coast to coast tour gained national recognition for financial aid workshops in 70 cities. He was also a key member of The Sallie Mae Fund’s Latino-focused higher education outreach initiatives. As a leadership advisor for ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., a Latino community-based youth organization, Orlando has counseled countless individuals and groups on education, presented to public and private business organizations, and has traveled nationally to conduct workshops on college admissions and cultural sensitivity. Orlando is cofounder of Emineo Media.



Website Development Note: 

While being first is remarkable, it drives many challenges. As a new startup, know that we graciously appreciate your continued use and support as we continue to develop, update and enhance our site!


Last Updated: October 25, 2012

Beta Version: 2.0