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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What/Who is ScholarshipProz?
ScholarshipProz LLC makes it easy for students to raise money online for education-related expenses leveraging CrowdSourcing, personal & professional relationships, on- & off-line social networks and more.


Scholarship/Funding Raising Projects:

  • What’s allowed? ScholarshipProz allows you to raise money for just about any education-related expense(s).
  • What’s not allowed? Users are prohibited from violating any local laws or attempting to raise money for anything that violates our terms & conditions.

2. How do I receive money raised?
Receiving donations is easy with ScholarshipProz. Every donation raised in your name will be delivered to you via PayPal at the end of your fund-raising project period. Financial Aid Notice (Enrolled College Students): Within two business days after your fund-raising project closes, you must notify your school FAO of the money you have raised.


3. Why must I notify my school of money I raise on ScholarshipProz.com?
Informing the financial aid office at your school is not only the right thing to do, it also ensures that you do not lose any eligibility for any other scholarships or federal, state or local aid programs from which you may otherwise be eligible for and/or receiving.


4. Are donations to my fund-raising tax deductible?
ScholarshipProz cannot/does not provide tax advice regarding contributions made for funds raised. Please contact your accountant or qualified tax advisor for specific tax advice.


5. Is a PayPal account required to donate?
Not at all! You can ensure that donors have an easy time donating by following the simple steps provided during sign-up.


6. When do I get my money?
ScholarshipProz will disbursed all money raised for your project within five (5) business day after your project fund-raising end date, once your school/college has confirmed your enrollment status as "enrolled."


7. Will ScholarshipProz charge me any fees?
ScholarshipProz does not charge students to use the website. ScholarshipProz does collect a 10% fee from each processed donation. Remember too, your donors are never charged any fees for donating, until your fund-raising goal is achieved and payment is processed to into your PayPal account.


8. Will my donors get charged any fees?
ScholarshipProz does collect a 10% fee from each donation received. This fee is assessed at the time of donation processing and added to the entire amount. Example: A $100 donation would net a gross bill of $110.


9. Why does ScholarshipProz charge fees?
If you are a student raising money, or an individual seeking to help fund a student's educational goals, the fact that you are reading this question confirms the validity of this site. Meaning, there are many means and methods for individuals to meet and exchange information. This website is simply an additional avenue to facilitate relationships and giving for the greater good. As with all things, there are both fixed and variable costs that go into creating access, building and maintaining relationships, as well as monitoring it all to ensure quality, trust and validity.
ScholarshipProz goes above and beyond what other general CrowdSourcing sites offer. We are unique in the scholarship funding raising category and currently the only company committed to verifying a student's enrollment status before delivering any raised funds. This effort provides security to donors and validity with our nation’s colleges that money raised is dubbed "unrestricted' and 'intended for education related expenses.'


10. Are there limits to how much money I can raise?
No way! ScholarshipProz users can raise as much money as they want. We love it when our users raise a ton of money on their online donation pages.


11. Can I raise money on Facebook & Twitter?
Of course! Connecting to Facebook & Twitter is part of what makes ScholarshipProz work so well. The best part is that visitors to your donation page end up doing most of the sharing for you – helping you to attract more donors!


12. How will I know when people donate?
We send you an email each time somebody donates to your fund. After receiving the email, you’ll see the new donation appear in your ScholarshipProz dashboard.


13. What if I don't owe my school/college anything?
It is not a requirement that you are in debt to your college to use this site. The only requirement we ask is that your fund-raising project be directly relatable to an education related expense. Your prospective donors will be the final judges who will determine if your project is a worthy investment.


14. Is the website only for students seeking a bachelors degree?
Not at all! ScholarshipProz was created to ensure all degree seeking students, no matter the degree level would have a resource where they can ask for financial support. We want to make sure all students have the same opportunity to start and complete their educational goals.


15. Why is PayPal Forcing Donors to Login?