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Aspiring MD

By Blas Montezano

Project Description

As a student studying medicine I know there are extensive cost involved with obtaining a medical degree but I want to cut down some of the debt I will incure while pursuing my lifelong dream of helping others. I was really excited when a friend told me about this website.She told me I could create a project to help raise awareness of my financial needs, network and find advocates willing to support my educational goals. The path of becoming a doctor requires sacrifice, determination, and discipline to make it.

My goal is to raise $850.00 to buy books and to pay the multiple fees acquired for labs. Anyone who has attended college knows the high cost of books. In the medical field, the cost of books are outregeously expensive. I will continue to use the books I purchase as they will be a helpful resource now and in the future. Your kind donation will help me move towards achieving my goal. Along my journey I’ve learned the importance of giving back and I’m willing to help anyway I can. Aside from studying medicine, I’m actively involved in my school by building friendships and establishing relationships. I’ve been able to forge relationships with Florida International University and American Airlines knowing most of my peers struggle with funds to travel home. Why do I share this? Because building relationships is what I do and giving back is what I’m focused on. I’m not only studying medicine, I’m actually rolling up my sleeves, and getting involved where there’s a need. I ‘m currently in need of financial support and your contributions will not go unnoticed. They are appreciated and I will make sure I continue to make those who give proud!

Will you support my cause?

Blas Montezano!

Remember to Study Rite!

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Posted by

Blas Montezano
Miami, Florida
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  • Blas says: Thank you Jacquie for your contribution!!!
    23 Nov, 2012 at 07:47 am
Jacqueline Brown
12 Nov, 2012
Anonymous Backer
11 Nov, 2012

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deadline 13 February 2013, 00:00 am


  • Back $10.00 or more :

    Thank you for your donation! I will make sure I send you an email expressing my appreciation.

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  • Back $25.00 or more :

    I'm grateful for any contributions made in helping me achieve my goal. I will send you a thank you letter and also provide you with an update of how I keep moving forward towards achieving my goal.

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  • Back $150.00 or more :

    I know for business owners it is important to reach your target audience. Social media is the way! I will personally like your Facebook Fan Page, keep you informed about my educational endeavors, and give you personal thanks on my FB timeline and twitter account.

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