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King's College Tour

By Antonio King

Project Description

Our Goal

Seeing a College or University with your very own eyes beats any virtual college tour. But unfortunately most students rarely get a chance to set foot on a college campus due to financial difficulties. They apply to local schools and make their decisions to attend these same schools without ever expanding their choices. For years King College Tours has been providing college tours for high school students in order to widen their school choices. As we continue to organize these tours we encounter too many students who want to attend one of our many tours but financial hardships hampers their chances. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all students who want to go to College can go to college. Through your in-kind donations we can ensure all students wanting to join one of tours can. Consider contributing to our project or better yet consider sponsoring a student. King’s College Tours has helped students make an informed decision that will help further their education for many years.

About Us

Choosing a college is always a difficult task that all the high school students need to do in order to carry on their education. You need to make a list of your preferences whether you want to go to a public or private college. You may get advice from your friends and family about the selection of a college but keep in mind that a college that is suitable for one student may not be good to another student. If you are like most high school students and their family members, you also want to get an idea of what the campus looks like. An easy way to visit different college is to take one of King”s College Tours to make students able to see different colleges and compare them. At King’s College Tours, we provide students and their families’ with College information through one of our many tours.

Contact us www.kingscollegetours.com

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Antonio King
Hallandale, Florida
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