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My Journey Back To School

By Rose Joseph

Project Description

I'm looking to raise $2000 to cover a combination of tuition, books and general fees for my final year at NOVA Southeastern University.

My Journey: No one really knows the struggles a student faces when it comes to starting and completing a college degree. After years of promoting College Access to high schools students through organizations like ASPIRA of Florida I find myself 19 credits shy of completing my own degree. Having to drop out of school when you face finacial difficulties is not a easy decision to make, especially when you've spent so much energy encouraging others. I was fortunate to obtain my Associates in Medical Technology at Miami Dade College while balancing a full time job. I understand hardwork and dedication is key so I am determined to reach my goal by putting in 150% of my time for my educational goals.

While juggling a full time job and school my parent's health began to deteriorate. Due to this reason I had to drop out of the university for a few years to assist my siblings with my parents physcially and financially.  I made this decision because I fully understood the sacrifices my parents made themselves to afford me the life I live. At this point in my life I'm grateful that my parents are in fair health, I have a stable job and I'm mentally ready to tackle my educational goals. I am looking forward to getting back in college and finishing what I started years ago.

My Education Goal: I plan to get my Bachelors of Science in Pre-Medical Science and pursue my dream of finding a cure for various diseases. Then I will obtain my Medical degree in infectious diesease and start working for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

I am ready to start my journey back into college. An educaton is something that can never be taken away and my degree will open many doors for a better future.

Rose Joseph

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Posted by

Rose Joseph
North Miami, Florida
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  • Rose says: I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my first donor. This donation inspires me to keep pushing and that there are still people willing to help others.
    11 Nov, 2012 at 09:00 am
  • Rose says: Thank you Jacquie Brown for your kind donation!! It means the world to me.
    12 Nov, 2012 at 06:00 am
Jacqueline Brown
12 Nov, 2012
Anonymous Backer
11 Nov, 2012

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deadline 04 February 2013, 08:21 am


  • Back $10.00 or more :

    A simple "thank you" is never enough, but I will be indebted to those who contribute and ensure you receive a thank you email on my behalf.

    1Backers !
  • Back $25.00 or more :

    Aside from a thank you email, I will also send a personalized card expressing my sincere appreciation for your heartfelt contribution. I will also provide you an update of my journey!

    1Backers !
  • Back $100.00 or more :

    I will show my expression of gratefulness by bringing you along my journey and making sure I provide you frequent updates. I will make sure others know of your kindness by talking about you on my Facebook timeline. Using Social media to highlight what you've done in support of me.

    0Backers !
  • Back $250.00 or more :

    Anyone willing to contribute this amount whether a family, friend or business owner will receive "Likes" from me. Aside from many personal thank yous, I will also make sure you receive a personal video from me singing your praise. I will also send you pictures of my journey towards graduation.

    0Backers !