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Papi's Tower of Power

By Dorcas Troche

Project Description

Our dad, Rev. Emiliano Gonzalez, was a special individual.  He loved everyone he met.  He nurtured and mentored people who had no hope and was the quintessential husband and father.  He was a master at many skills, a Bible scholar and a wonderful human being who taught us to make good choices, to honor God and to always stick together. Although Alzheimer's Disease claimed his life just two short years ago, we are committed to doing what we can to help find a cure. Once again we will take part in a "Walk to End Alzheimer" to make sure a cure is found! This year we also want to start a scholarship in his name.


This scholarship fund is to honor his memory and to help students who have the heart for helping others.  Our goal is to celebrate the life of a man so many people miss and love! As we contiue to seek ways to celebrate his legacy we feel it's fitting to provide this platform for our family and friends to contribute to further someone's education. We hope that you will join us in honoring him. 


The Gonzalez Family

Papi's Tower of Power


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Posted by

Dorcas Troche
Miami Gardens, Florida
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11 Nov, 2012

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