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Ready to Graduate

By Stephanie Faison

Project Description

After several years in the workforce I have had mutliple opportunities to network and advocate for various causes. Now it's time for me to do some self-advocacy to obtain a piece of my dream. By completing my degree in Pre-Medical Science\Dentistry I can then persue my dream of opening a free clinic. I am just 6 credits shy of graduating. $800.00 will help me pay for my classes, buy my books, and aqcuire the neccessary items for lab\experiements.

In 2006 I lost my mother after having open heart surgery. Losing a parent is not something I wish on anyone.  During her illness my focus was to ensure my mother was cared for. As an educator she was my inspiration and my driving force. She made sure school was a priority, but how could I focus on school when the one person who never put any limitations on me could not cheer me on. It was difficult to concentrate on school and my grades suffered. I dropped classes and I struggled to get back to school after being placed on academic probation. Not having her in my corner left a void in me, but her memory has been a constant reminder of everything I am capable of achieving. .

I currently attend Miami Dade College and have a 3.84 GPA. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and actively participate wih non-profit organizations like College Summit, ASPIRA of Florida, and volunteer with educational organizations like EDUSynergy. All of which focus on education, college access, tutoring services, and helping low income students grab hold of their dreams.  

My educational goals are to graduate with my Bachelor's of Science in Pre-Medical Science, then pursue my Masters in Health Service Administration, and finally obtain my Specialist degree in Non-Profit Management.

For years, service has been my passion and helping others has been the driving force for me to wake-up in the morning. Currently, I support myself by tutoring, providing weekly consultations with a Registered Dietician, and voluteering in the Miami Dade County Public School system as a aide. Kids are the heartbeat of why I strive to be the best and put education at the forefront of all that I do. With a sound education and firm foundation kids like me wouldn't be where we are today. Unfortunately, due to cut backs and the economic slump I have a finanical gap that needs to be filled. That's why I am hoping you can make the difference and help by donating to my cause.

Will you help me reach my goal?

Stephanie Faison


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Posted by

Stephanie Faison
Miami Gardens, Florida
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  • Stephanie says: Thank you Jacquie Brown for being so giving!! Words can not express how much your contribution means to me!!
    13 Nov, 2012 at 00:54 am
  • Stephanie says: Emmanuel Morel, I don't know you, but I'm so thankful there are still people in the world who are willing to give of themselves!!
    13 Nov, 2012 at 00:55 am
  • Emmanuel says: Stephanie, you are so welcome. Wish I could do more. I gave $100 but it showing $90. Do they charge 10%?
    14 Nov, 2012 at 07:09 am
  • Stephanie says: Emmanuel, All contributions are welcomed! I'm on my way towards reaching my goal because of people like yourself. ScholarshipProz provided me a chance to let others know my story and what my financial aid need is. I can't tell you how excited I am to know people are willing to help me. I am truly blessed.
    15 Nov, 2012 at 02:03 am
  • Stephanie says: Rachel thank you so much for being one of my biggest supporters. I love you Chica!
    16 Nov, 2012 at 07:41 am
Rachel Ramos
13 Nov, 2012
Emmanuel Morel
12 Nov, 2012
Jacqueline Brown
12 Nov, 2012
Anonymous Backer
11 Nov, 2012

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deadline 12 February 2013, 00:00 am


  • Back $10.00 or more :

    For a $10 donation I will send you a personalize thank you email showing you my appreciation.

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  • Back $25.00 or more :

    For a $25 donation to my cause I will blast your name on my Facebook timeline as well as tweet that you're making a difference in my life.

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  • Back $100.00 or more :

    For a $100 donation to my cause I will send you personal fan mail updating you about my current journey. You will get personal acknowledgments on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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  • Back $250.00 or more :

    I know for business owners it is important to reach your target audience. Social media is the way! I will personally like your Facebook Fan Page, keep you informed about my educational endeavors, and give you personal thanks on my FB timeline and twitter account.

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